The UltimateResponse List Server and Autoresponder System is one of the most powerful mailing list and autoresponder managers ever unleashed on the Web.  We're certain you will not find anything as powerful, user friendly and feature rich.

We guarantee this program will impress not only you, but also your Subscribers.

Autoresponder And List Management Features:  
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Create as many campaigns as you like, mailing lists can literally be created in 5 seconds.
Unlimited Autoresponders
Each Mailing List in the system has provision for an unlimited number of autoresponders. For example, you could have a pre-authored set of messages (each one promoting a different product, or it may be a training course, or joke of the week) automatically delivered once a week for 52 weeks to a new Subscriber (or Imported Subscribers) when they subscribe to your Mailing List. This is an amazingly powerful feature if properly utilized and is almost always employed by the most successful Internet Marketers to promote their goods and services. The delay between each Message in the autoresponder series can be defined in hours and days, and each or any of the Messages can have files/e-books attached.
Unlimited Messages
Each autoresponder can have an unlimited number of messages, with no restriction on the size of each message.
Unlimited Subscribers
Add or import as many subscribers as you like.
Birthday Autoresponder
The Birthday Autoresponder is automatically sent to subscribers that have entered their Birthday in their profile. It is sent out on the same day as their birthday, in the early hours of the morning. You may use this to alert your subscribers to special offers.
Integrated Advanced HTML WYSIWYG Creator/Editors
No HTML experience? You don't need any, the built in advanced editors allow you to set background colors, images, fonts, insert advertisements and much more with just one click. Experienced HTML coders can also enter and edit the source code. WYSIWYG editors can also be switched off if not required.
HTML Email Template Creation
Create your own unique HTML templates, then save them on the system and use them time and time again.  Templates can contain multiple images just like a webpage.  Embed audio,  video and flash movies in your messages.
50 System Wide HTML Email Templates
Don't feel like creating your own HTML Templates? Then simply preview and select one of 50 of our templates, and paste your text in.  It doesn't get any simpler.
Progress Meter
Watch the progress and rate of delivery of all currently running Mailings with option to pause, restart or delete individual Mailings.

This is a real ScreenShot, the figures are real!
Autoresponder Linking
One Autoresponder Series can be linked to another Autoresponder Series which can be sequentially linked to another and another and another, effectively forming a chain of Autoresponder Series'. As Subscribers progress through one Autoresponder Series, they're either moved, or copied, (depending on your selection) to the next Autoresponder Series in your chain, where the progress through it's series of Message until they reach the end of the Series. This process can be repeated indefinitely.
Autoresponder Shifting
Provides a method for shifting all Subscribers currently receiving Message X to Message Y within the same Autoresponder Series. And the monitoring of each Subscriber's position in a Series, ability to inject Subscribers into a Series and remove Subscribers from a Series.
Send Autoresponder Sequence Immediately
Send the whole autoresponder sequence immediately to a selected subscriber.
Autoresponder Statistics
Records number of Subscribers who have received each Message of an Autoresponder Series, number of Subscribers who have opened each Message of an Autoresponder Series, and the number of times clicks recorded for each Message of an Autoresponder Series.
Autoresponder Clicks
Records any clicks on links in Autoresponder messages and ability to target Subscribers who clicked the links.
Create Lists On The Fly
Search your existing lists for matching profiles and send mailings to the results. Our advanced built in search engine allows you to search your entire database of mailing lists  with one click, or you can simply check off any or all of your existing lists and concurrently send a mailing to all selected lists combined. List Manager ensures subscribers do not receive duplicate messages.
Subscriber Login Area
If you choose to include the "profile link", in your mailings, your subscribers will be able to log in and update their profile, send mailings (if set to Yes), view back issues, change from plain text to HTML, update their e-mail address or delete their account.
Single And Multiple List Subscription Forms
Subscribers can subscribe to one or more of your mailing lists from just one form. 
Subscription Form Generator
In-built Form generator automatically generates Subscription Forms for your website visitors to fill in.  Define which fields are required, and which can be viewed and edited by Subscribers when updating their profile.  The generated code can then be copied to any of your web documents.
Pop-Up Layer Generator
Circumvent Pop-Up Blockers by utilizing PopUp Layers. Announce your Mailing List offers to your website visitors with scrolling, attention capturing PopUp Layers proven to increase Subscription rates by as much as 700%.
20 Custom Fields
Request and require up to 20 pieces of information from your Subscribers in your Subscription Forms. Custom data can then be searched to build targeted Mailing Lists.
10 Stock Form Fields
Several default fields which may be optionally included in your Subscription Forms, such as Birth date, Cell Phone, First and Last Name, Mailing Format, IP Address, Host Node, Subscription Date, and more.
Personalized Messages
Messages can be completely personalized using any data field in your database including your 20 Custom Fields.  Each Subscriber can be greeted by their real name rather than by their email address or username.

Easily personalize messages by selecting available Markers
Custom Thank You Pages
No website required.  When you generate your subscription forms, a copy is also stored on our server. You can then either upload your own HTML files to our server with your subscription forms and thank you pages or use the default copy created. If you prefer to have the thank you pages and subscription pages on your own website, simply enter the URLs and subscribers will be directed to your website.
Simultaneous HTML And Plain Text Mailings
When composing messages you will have the option to send to all subscribers, HTML subscribers only or Plain Text subscribers only. Ultimate list server also allows you to concurrently enter a Plain Text and Rich HTML message for each template or message you send out.
Targeted Mailings
Sift through your Mailing Lists collecting Subscribers who meet specific criteria such as Subscribers who : clicked on the second link in your last message ... opened your last message ... reside in California ... are aged between 21 and 34 ... earn in excess of $50K annually ... then send a message to your red hot list of prospects.
Integrated Spam Analysis
Rates the content of your messages before you send them to see how they'd measure up against Spam filters such as SpamCop and suggests methods to increase readership rates.  Uses global spam rules (Spam Assassin) and spam rules that you may have created in your User Definable Spam Rules.
Archived Mailings
Your past mailings of newsletters etc. can be viewed online by your subscribers.  You can also choose to have your autoresponders viewable online.
Import Unlimited Subscribers
Import your database of Subscribers via a data paste or file upload after defining your database's column structure in the Import Wizard.
Export Wizard
Export database back-ups of your Subscribers and their details, in your preferred column structure, as Text or CSV files for safe keeping.
Send Multiple File Attachments
Send ANY type of file to your subscribers, audio, video, images, software keys, eBooks, reports  etc.  Use as a product delivery system.  Files arrive as true attachments.
Powerful File Manager
Upload and manage your files that you need for your mailings to our server.
Bounced Email Detection.
Bounced emails are automatically removed your lists.  If you're currently using a mailing list that does not have such a feature, you can be sure you'll have plenty of e-mail addresses that no longer exist.
Unique Signatures For Each Mailing List
Each Mailing List has it's own Settings, and Signatures/Footer Text which can be defined and automatically appended to each Mailing.
Joint Venture Lists
Multiple subscribe feature lists all of your mailings lists and all of your partners lists on one page. Each list may contain a short description. With one click a user can subscriber to all selected lists. Each partner will be notified and your Joint Venture manager will keep track of the number of subscriptions for each partner list.
Advertisement Manager
Create Advertisement profiles and keep track of the number of times each Advertisement has been impressed into both HTML and Plain Text Messages. Earn extra money from your Mailing Lists by charging warranted Advertising rates.
Survey Manager
Create and manage as many Surveys as you like and you have complete control over the feel and functionality of each Survey. Create Tests, Quizzes, Exams, Surveys and Polls.
HTML Open Rates
See how many of your subscribers actually opened the message you sent. An invisible 1 x 1 pixel gif appended to your HTML messages executes a script on our server that increments not only the number of messages opened, but also the number of times each individual message was opened, and by who. This applies to HTML subscribers only.
Personal Filters
Your own filter which applies to your mailing lists. The filter manager records the type of entry (bounce, admin deleted or subscriber cancellation), allows you to view when subscribers cancelled and generate up to 5 comparisons (this allows you to see how many people unsubscribed for each of you last 5 mailings) and also add sort and remove entries from your filter.
Graphical Statistics Analysis
Facilitates the visualization of statistics for consecutive Mailing campaigns (bar graph with super-imposed line graphs), subscription to cancellation ratios (pie graph), and tabulated survey data (pie graphs). Enables quick visual comparison of previous five Mailing's statistics to instantly gauge any swings of improvement.
Comprehensive Stats & Tracking
The ability drill down and analyze the last 100 actions of any subscriber.  See when they opened an email, which links they clicked and when.
Encrypted & Cloaked Tracking Links
When you use the tracking feature, UltimateResponse List Server converts the links to an encrypted string. Your links then point to UltimateResponse List Server and when the link is clicked, UltimateResponse List Server records the click, which Subscriber clicked, whether it was a plain text or HTML message, which mailing the link was contained in, which list the link was contained in, which link within the message was clicked and will then redirect the Subscriber to the URL you entered.  Ideal for disguising your Affiliate Links.  All this happens within a split second and the Subscriber's experience remains seamless.
Scheduled Mailings With Preset Dates
Going away for a while? Pre-author and schedule an unlimited number of Messages set to go out any time of the day month or year - down to the minute!

These are just some of the many power features contained within Ultimate List Server.  To see it's real potential why not see the Live Online Demonstration?
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