Spam Policy

What is Spam?

Spam is the sending of e-mail to anyone who has not specifically requested to receive it.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for the Sending Of ANY Unsolicited Email (SPAM) using any of our services!

By signing up for an List Manager And Autoresponder account, you are acknowledging that you have carefully read, understand, and agree to abide by the policies listed on this page, as well as our Terms And Conditions.

You will not, in any way implicate our services in the use of Spam. This includes, but is not limited to mentioning an email address or URL in a bulk message, or including addresses on a bulk-advertised web page.

We do this to protect the 99.9% of our clients who promote their businesses in an honest and ethical way, and for the protection of our business!

If you spam, even if services are not directly involved, it will result in:

  1. IMMEDIATE termination of your account. No refunds will be given.

  2. A five hundred dollar clean up charge plus five hundred dollars per day for any interruption of our service.

  3. The reporting of your activities to your service provider.

  4. Any information we have being made available to the parties who have been spammed.

  5. Legal action to recover any loses incurred by us.

  6. Permanent barring from access to any of our services .

The "Golden Rules" For Our List Manager And Autoresponder Users

  1. You may NOT purchase compiled lists (or otherwise obtain compiled lists) and import them into our system. This includes but is not limited to Safe Lists.  It does NOT matter whether the list you have purchased or obtained was advertised as "opt-in". This is strictly prohibited.

  2. You may import leads that you have compiled previously, as long as these leads have directly opted in to receive your mailings - such as through a web form, co-registration service, etc.

  3. You MUST promptly remove subscribers that email you with remove requests. It does not matter that you have an automated unsubscribe link in these situations (some people don't like to use them, or don't know how). Never email a person back and request that they use your unsubscribe link. You must login to your account and remove them within 48 hours, OR before your next mailing is scheduled to go out to them (whichever comes first).

  4. You must INFORM (remind) your subscribers of who you are, where they signed up for your mailing list or email publication (if possible), and provide them with opt-OUT instructions in each of your mailings. Therefore, it is necessary to place a "header" with this information in any and all messages sent through your List Manager And Autoresponder account.
    Here's an example:
    Super Salmon is a free, opt-in only publication.
    Either you, or somebody using this email address chose
    to sign up. If you feel you've received this message in
    error, please use the unsubscribe link below. Thanks.

  5. You MUST use a legitimate email address with our system. Free email addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail or any other FREE service e-mail addresses will result in the termination of your account.

Double Opt-In System

Here's how our double opt-in system works:

A visitor signs up through your web form, or through a co-registration service such as your Joint Venture Manager. That's step one. But they are not added to you list. Next, the visitor will receive an email with a validation link that they must click on in order to validate their subscription and be added to your list.

This double opt-in/validation process ensures that everyone coming through our system and to your list wants and intends to receive your mailings. So later on, if they decided to accuse you (or us) of spam, we can come to your defense with viable *proof* (in most cases including IP address), that they in fact requested your mailings.

Email spam is an ever increasing problem these days. As a result, data centers and web hosting facilities are becoming less and less tolerant of complaints. Just one spam complaint is enough to cause damage to an online business. As a result, double opt-in (or validated opt-in) systems are gradually becoming the industry standard.

Remember: The size of your list in terms of numbers means nothing. It is the quality of your list that matters. I had a list of 1,000 that often outperformed another of my lists that numbered over 10,000! The list of 10,000 was built primarily through co-registration services, while the smaller list was build strictly through visitors to my web-site. So when building your list, always think in terms of quality and NOT quantity!

Our double opt-in system enables you to "pan for gold" by filtering out the dead weight - such as the leads that don't read or aren't truly interested in receiving your mailings (ie, the type of people that are typically the ones to accuse YOU of spamming!). The result is that you're ensured of having a list of subscribers that are anxious and willing to hear from you on a regular basis - exactly what permission email marketing is all about!